New identity/Relay

Do you ever feel like you really know yourself and there are some things you will always/sometimes/rarely/never do, no matter what else changes in your life?

Just think about that. I hate to be a tease, but I’ll reveal the rest of the story soon. 😉


In other news, I ran a quick mile before class & my gear is set out for an AM run tomorrow. Being on a running schedule feels good after all this time!


Tara of 263 and Counting made a donation for my Relay, so now there are only 6.5 miles left! Buy yours today! Read about my original challenge here, and my reminder post here. And donate/buy your miles here.

Relay for Life Reminder

I’ve got 16 days until the big night. As a refresher, I’ve teamed up with some old friends and we are participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, UW version. Here’s the link to my earlier post about it.

I proposed that $1 = 5 minutes of walking (limited only by the 18 hour event) OR $10= 1 mile of running (capped at 10.5 miles to meet my personal fundraising goal)

This is where you come in. Your hard-earned dollars help support the fight against cancer. Something that has touched all of us in different ways. I’m not going to ramble on about it, because we all know it sucks.

Right now, my shirt only has 3 names on it. Sad, huh? Okay, so if you didn’t click the link before now is the time, since that doesn’t make sense if you haven’t. Just a note: let me know if it is in honor of or in memory of each person. I’ll be using different colors for each. 🙂

One awesome supporter has already requested purchased a run: 3 miles at 3am. I had to just blink at that thought a few times, but I’m excited for the challenge!

So which block of time will you buy and am I walking or running it? There are only 7.5 miles available for running at this point, so let’s get that filled! Anything above that goes towards meeting my team’s goal.

As a reminder, everyone who supports me in this will be entered into a drawing for a prize. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a gift certificate to Chocomize, Mix My Granola, iTunes, or Bondi Band. Any preferences? Alternative suggestions?

Please make a donation and spread the word! As my Fearless Leader says, “let’s kick cancer’s ass!”

cramping my style and then some

That’s exactly what this moving is doing. I really need to get back into running on a regular schedule, but I’m trying to not beat myself up about the fact that moving is a more immediate concern. I simply wasn’t able to go today, between wimping out during the sideways rain, and Hubs not getting home until 5 minutes before my class started… It just wasn’t in the cards for today. Solution? A short run before school tomorrow night and then a first-thing-in-the-morning run on Friday. Ideal? Of course not. Running in the morning is not something I enjoy. BUT. It’s about getting back into the swing of things. A run before class is something that I want need to do each day before class because it really helps me get into the right mental space for a long ass lecture. I’m thinking about adopting a more formal style running routine instead of my current every other day (optimally) plan. It feels rigid, which is why I’ve avoided it thus far.


April goals recap:

  • buy that front light for my bike by the end of the first weekend
  • find a local swimming pool and go to one lap swim a week
  • get a suit for swimming, for everyone’s sake
  • downsize my personal belongings
  • get organized, one room at a time
  • make an appointment with the Vampires
  • get a haircut
  • All that organization led to me finding a front light and a lock while downsizing. Okay, these actually belong to Hubs, but as I try to explain to Napoleon, being married means sharing all your stuff even if you don’t want to. Anyway, I won’t be riding my bike to school because we’ll be living more like 15 miles than 5 minutes and my bike weighs almost as much as I do is not designed for commuting. So whatever. We’ll do tradesies if I want to ride my bike somewhere after dark. I got a swimsuit and I adore it (yes, it’s a sport style but it takes me back to my competitive days in a positive way and I love it). As for that goal of swimming once a week. It didn’t happen. As far as I can tell, there is a whopping ONE city pool in this city town ‘burb. ONE PUBLIC POOL. Unspeakably ridiculous. For realz. And it does not have an accommodating schedule. I have done serious downsizing as we will be moving into a house roughly half the size of the current house. It feels really good. I have a tendency to place emotional value on material objects without the ability to also assign relative importance. Which results in a plethora of, for lack of a better word, shit that I don’t actually need.  Baggage is ugly.

    Moving on. I made, and more importantly, went to an appointment with the Vampires. Why do I call them that? Once you’ve passed the 6 week mark and are eligible to donate again they will call you. All. The. EFFING. TIME. I was averaging 6 calls A DAY (sometimes the calls wouldn’t start until 7:30 pm & I’d still get 6 calls). What to they want? My blood. Plus, the looks you get when you are out and about  and announce that the phone call you aren’t taking is from the Vampires are priceless! 😉 The only reason I was hesitating making the appointment was because the last time I had gone in, the woman only nicked the side of my vein and it took me almost an hour to fill the little bag. I ended up with a bruise the size of a softball in the crook of my elbow which took almost a month to disappear. So yes, I was avoiding them. But like a grownup, I made the call sent the email and followed through. The woman who did it this time was awesome! If only I could make appointments with the individual person…

    The haircut. A huge deal to me. I maybe get my hair cut once a year. Seriously, even a trim is traumatic. Maybe it’s from my mom giving me a bowl cut in 5th grade? We went camping right before school started that year and the park ranger referred to me and my brother as “your boys” when talking to my parents. This is clearly categorized as a MAJOR TRAUMATIC EVENT from my childhood. For my birthday in 2008, I cut my hair short.


    I mean really short. Not intentionally. The woman who cut it gave me a cut that was nothing like what I asked for (another reason I hate getting my hair cut). I even showed her what I wanted and still walked out with a damn Posh Spice wedge cut. I cut off a 22″ braid to donate to Locks of Love, so it was already going to be a big adjustment, let alone getting a cut I HATED. So it’s now been 18 months (almost to the day!) since my last haircut. I’ve finally reached the conclusion that hair grows and therefore a cut is not permanent and therefore should not be so stressful. Right? So I’m ready to do this. I’m hoping to be able to squeeze it in on Friday to cap off a crazy day of moving.

    WAY. TOO. SHORT. (also, slightly puffy hangover face)

    I clearly did not reach my goals for April, so I won’t be taking any kettlebell classes this month. Am I taking on too much? I dunno. We’ll see how May goes, and I’ll be keeping the classes on my short list of rewards to earn. That list is getting kind of long, so it’s time to earn some of them already!

    May goals page is posted. 🙂

    open letter

    Dear V-8,

    I rarely buy your products simply because I prefer to chew my food, but I did buy some this week. I really appreciate your low sodium option. The regular stuff tastes like a salt-lick, but I digress. I know it’s really lazy of me, but I also like your little 5.5 oz cans because then I don’t have to get a glass dirty. That isn’t as lazy as it sounds because I don’t have a dishwasher. Okay, it’s still really lazy. But the cans are recyclable. I’m just not going to think about the level of sloth to which that takes me. Anyway, back to the point of my letter. It’s a well established fact that I struggle with the concept of “time”. Clocks aren’t my problem, because they always tell you “now”. I struggle with calendars ( Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C) and frankly, your product packaging just doesn’t help me.

    are you seeing this?

    Look at that for a minute. I mean, really look at it. There are clearly 6 cans. I can name 7 different days in at least 4 languages. That may be all I can do in some of those languages, but that’s not really the point of my letter. I do understand that 6 is more convenient from a packaging standpoint, but please don’t call it a ‘weekly pack’ if you can’t cover each individual day of the week. Which day am I supposed to leave out of your shortened week? Mondays sort of need that extra boost. I feel bad for Tuesday because it’s basically the lamest day of the week (sorry). Sometimes it takes forever to get to Wednesday and you need some reinforcements. Other times, you need to celebrate because it feels like Wednesday showed up early (Sorry, Tuesday). Thursday has always been a personal favorite, for no particular reason. Maybe because I like the sound of it better than Tuesday (again, sorry). Friday has the ability to really drag itself out, but it’s also a cause for celebration. Saturday is busy, and you need some extra veggies. Sunday is more laid back, so you’re being health conscious. In case my right-brained argument is not enough to sway your cold, dead advertiser hearts, let me remind you that by packaging 8 cans, you can charge more money (even more than what you are charging for my convenience laziness). Or you can petition to overthrow the Gregorian calendar. As long as we lose a workday and not a weekend day. But not Tuesday. Tuesday stays (see Tuesday? Me and the Stones will stand up for you). If you do decide to go that way, allow me the honor of being the first to sign your petition.



    P.S. Don’t forget about my challenge!

    my challenge to you

    I’m getting tired of using that word, to be honest. But I have one of my own, if all you Blogland lovelies will play along with me.

    As you may or may not know, I’m participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in less than a month. I still have a way to go with meeting my personal goal, and my team’s goal is looking pretty far off. Which is where you come in.

    In the vein of each comment equaling one minute, I propose the following:

    • $1 = 5 minutes of walking (no limit on this, other than the event is only 18 hours long)
    • $10 = 1 mile run (I’m capping this at 10.5 miles since that meets my personal goal and I’m not this guy)

    What you get out of it:

    • the satisfaction of supporting cancer research (really, what more do you need? ;))
    • your name (and blog) plus the names of anyone you choose to honor on my shirt while I participate
    • you can pick your block of time/mile if you so wish
    • a photo of your name(s) when your time/distance starts
    • All contributors will be entered into a drawing for a little prize or two (to be determined)

    I’ll even be packing the laptop and do some live-blogging if possible. Otherwise I’ll text updates to the Facebook page & I just set up a Twitter account ( @262milejourney if you’re interested) which I will probably not use very often. But who knows. I just might remember my password. 😉

    So, click that first link and make a donation and spread the word!


    Back to my regularly scheduled running blog. My running schedule has devolved into a once every third or fourth day sort of thing. It’s not working for me. I got hit with allergies in a major way over the weekend (Dogwood trees are a tool of Satan, that’s all there is to it) and it’s not fun running in that condition.  I did get out this morning, though! I only went for 20 minutes and I had goal for how much distance I would cover in that time. I was off by 1/4 mile and at first I was pretty bummed about it. But I did my whole run on the trails in the park today so that explains the difference.

    I did something brave today. I wore my running skirt! I ordered it, and like usual, I was right in between sizes. So of course vanity beat out common sense and I ordered the smaller size. Which is right about when my knee/hamstrings started acting up. By the time the skirt got to me, I was well into my sedentary phase and me + skirt = not cute. Flash forward to today: I tried it on, it fit perfectly and kept my lower half from overheating on my run. It was great! It’s not my favorite color (but they don’t offer a solid purple skirt) so in the event that they have a color I love in a size I need and it’s on sale, I’d totally get another one.

    I’m so excited for my GOTR training run on Thursday! I can’t wait to do it!! The weather has been so unpredictable lately (aka “April”), I’m not sure what I’ll end up wearing. I’m sure I’ll end up soaked no matter what. Oh, well. It will be a nice way to burn off some nervous tension about the test I’ll be taking that night (which I’m not actually worried about, but that causes me to worry… ISSUES).


    I was planning on doing this run for my May race. Sadly, I don’t think I can manage it. There are two others that I’m considering as replacements. One is the Inspiring Hope (I’m leaning toward the 10K) and the other is the Rhody Run (12K). Maybe I’ll just go crazy and do them both. 😉