I finally caught up on my missed workouts. I could have done my long run/stretch routine on Monday, but I was pissy for no good reason and for somehow used that to justify skipping postponing until Tuesday. Because that’ll show ’em, right? *eye roll*

So Tuesday morning I did my p90x core workout. It felt so much better this week than last. Abs of steel! They come complete with a protective padding over the top so they don’t overwhelm anyone.

Then in the afternoon I went for my run. It was brutal. Somehow during the first 2 miles I convinced myself I only needed to run 5 miles. I very nearly cried when I looked down at my Garmin (which totally needs a nickname) and saw that I had 4 miles to go, instead of just 3. It was maybe the most excruciatingly boring run I’ve ever done. I actually turned around and started heading home with 3.87 to go. I ran up and down the avenues in 2 block stretches, because mentally I couldn’t handle anything else. I probably walked more than I ran.

Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. I daydreamed about running on muddy trails instead of through muddy alleys. Then, with 0.28 to go, my time expired. Despite the fact that I believe I did run the entire 0.28, it took me 6 minutes to complete. So clearly, it was somewhere between a walk and a run. But I don’t really care. I finished it, and next week’s long run won’t be this ugly.

My calves were so sore yesterday that I was actually hobbling around. Think walking like a cowboy. I couldn’t stand up straight from a sitting position without groaning. The “run” (or whatever we’re going to call that experience) did help loosen my calves a bit. I’ve never struggled running up a hill like I did yesterday. I would not have been able to get up on the balls of my feet if you were offering my a stack of hundred dollar bills as high as my head. Even for a shorty like me that has to be a lot of money, right?

But the big deal here is that I did this run without my knee sleeve. Now I know that for the most part the sleeve is just there to keep me conscious of my knee. But it has developed into a mental crutch. A superstition if you will. Both of my knees were tired by the end of the run, but it was a tired ache not a stabbing, grinding, pulling, PAIN like I’ve experienced in the past. This is huge. So on one side this run was totally lame. On the other side, it’s the best run I’ve had since March or April of last year.

It’s all in how I look at it, and the more I look at that last sentence the better I remember the experience. Having a great night’s sleep and being able to walk today are also helping.

I’m hoping to double post tonight to get things up to date.

And so it begins

Today marks day 1 of marathon training. My basic plan is:

  • Long runs on Monday
  • speed work or hills on Wednesday
  • tempo runs on Friday
  • short runs on Saturday

Saturdays are my optional run day. I feel that I am better suited for a “less is more” plan, but at the same time I don’t want to overwhelm myself with my long runs and under work myself the rest of the week. There is some “rule” about what percentage of your total weekly miles the long run should be, but I don’t remember what it is. Anyone?

I’m also adding back in P90X, since I apparently love strength training now. Thanks, Tony! I will be doing the “stretch” video later this evening, since I think that will be beneficial once my long runs actually get long. I already did about 10 minutes of foam rolling.

This is a new leaf, people.

Marathon Training Day One: 5 miles in 61 minutes/ 12:12 pace (goal was 12:00), p90x “stretch” dvd (I’ll update this tonight with the exact amount of minutes)