Firecracker 5000

I picked up my Polar f4 yesterday, literally as the store was closing. What can I say? My sense of timing is impeccable. That gave me over an hour to waste until the packet pick-up began. For being a detail-0riented person, I have a nasty habit of not knowing exactly where races start. So I spent a while wandering around, wondering why there was an abnormally high percentage (read: everyone but me) of drunk people stumbling around the Seattle Center. Turns out, there was some sort of beer tasting event. I wandered my way into Memorial Stadium and sauntered over to the pre-registered tables. Found my bib number on the board, and walked over to that bin.

It wasn’t there. My name was on the list as being preregistered and they had no packet for me. NO PACKET = NO CHIP + NO BIB. But seeing as how it’s all volunteers, I didn’t get upset about it. That’s exactly the reason that I like to get places early. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get a packet. Solution? Fill out a new registration and get a whole new bib number. Goodbye 959, hello 1210. But I did get my t-shirt. And it glows in the dark and is way too big, just as a race shirt ought to be.

I sat around waiting for the clock to run down, thinking to myself that I am just too old to be running a race at midnight.

Finally we lined up, as I shivered away in my “muscle man shirt” (what my son and nephew call wife beaters). To complete my so-called patriotic look I wore my blue running skirt and some red soccer socks.

The race was just what I needed. I picked a guy in the starting corrals that I decided would become my defacto pace-buddy. Except I passed (and lost) him at the first uphill. I passed a lot of people going uphill. Some of them passed me back going downhill, but I passed back on the flats. Just to note: passing is not a goal of mine. I rarely try to pick people off and pass them. I don’t see the point. If it works for other people, great, but it doesn’t work for me.

I confess, I did choose one person to pick off last night. Sometimes people’s costumes just drive me nuts. There was one of those last night and I FLEW down the homestretch to pass her. I also passed the owners of West Seattle Runner. That was not a goal, but I recognized them from a magazine article. Of course, neither of them were running at the same effort that I was, but still. I had a lot of fun. In fact, more races should be held that take you by bars late at night. I’ve never seen such enthusiastic supporters at a race!

I ran into a super cool guy that I know from school. I said hi to him before my brain registered how I knew him. It took me an awkward moment to place him, but he had that same ‘blank-brain’ moment. We chatted a bit and then I headed for the Top Pot Doughnuts. I didn’t end up eating though. Doughnuts just don’t seem like a worthy treat after a run. Pop Chips however…

My hip started bothering me just before mile 2, but I reminded myself that it’s temporary. It definitely slowed me down, but I’m not going to let it stop me. I spent plenty of time rolling it out this morning (because last night I really needed to sleep). I’m planning on icing it later this afternoon, too. I’m not afraid of aching body parts. This isn’t something that will do permanent damage, so I’m not going to let it interfere anymore. “Pain is just fear leaving the body” is an idiotic saying. But I’m not afraid to let muscles and joints announce their presence.

And I’m feeling serious about running in a way that I haven’t in months. But I’m not going to think about it too much for fear of driving it away.

Val, this one’s for you

That teaser from a few days back?

*Deep breath*

I have registered with Sole Mates, which is the adult fundraising arm associated with Girls on the Run. I’m still a little confused about how things work, but apparently all I have to do is raise $262 for them. I think I want to do it fun this time and get $1 donations from 262 (+) people. But I’m not begging you for money just yet, so relax and read on.

What race will I be participating in after collecting all your $1 donations? I’m so glad you asked! I’ll be participating in the Seattle Marathon. THE SEATTLE MARATHON. They offer free training plans, but part of the incentive for the Seattle Marathon is an actual training group through Sole Mates.  This is where my understanding is shady, since I only emailed the local GOTR branch today about the details.

Now here’s the kicker, of sorts. I’ve been secretly lusting after running this marathon for the last few months. Hubs (the rational half of this marriage) thinks that I’ll be biting off more than I can run if I sign up for the run. He thinks I should register for the marathon walk. Part of me knows that he’s probably right. But the rest of me very slightly resents the implication that he doesn’t think I can do it. Because I already have those thoughts running through my head. Pretty much constantly and about every. single. aspect. of. my. life.

It will force me to really look at some training plans to see if this can work for me. But I’m not saying anything definitive anyway. Not yet, anyway.

But walking or running, I’m doing the Seattle Marathon 2010. When I’ve said that enough times to make it feel real I’ll let you know.

Ooh! I have two new purchases on their way to me. These and this. You know I’ll love them. Especially since I’ve lusted after them both for ages.

July 4th fun run

Okay, greater Seattle area peeps. Here’s the deal. Some local running club or another is hosting a (close to) midnight run on July 3rd. It starts at 11:55 and essentially does one big and one small loop around the Seattle Center. It’s a 5k, so you know you can go the distance. As you know, I’m struggling with motivation at this point. My ass is losing what little definition it had because I can’t seem to pry it off the couch these days. I need to have fun, while running, with as big of a group as I can get together. As I told my dad before our race last week, I’ll hold off winning my age division to keep pace with you. *INSERT BIG, THEATRICAL WINK HERE*

It’s a fun run, so I believe there is a costume competition after the race. Shall we coördinate? I call being a star. You know you need another t-shirt, and this race shirt is THE ONE to add to your collection because IT WILL GLOW IN THE DARK!!!

So leave me a comment, send me an email, facebook me or think at me really loudly to let me know you want to run with me.

Here’s the official race site.

oh yeah… Fremont…

If I tell you it was the worst race I’ve ever run will you please not register for it next year? I’M KIDDING. Seriously. I’m still on Cloud 9 about it. Not only was it a 5k PR for me (and that includes a 1/4 mile walk break for my hamstrings/IT band and Daddy’s quads) BUT IT WAS SO WELL ORGANIZED and everything flowed sooooo smoothly. Miracle of miracles. Get this: we lined up and actually started running when the starting horn blared. I know, right? You thought that only the elites and speed demons got to start running right away. I’m guessing that’s because they cap it right around 800 as opposed to the St. Paddy’s Day Dash which is just insane. INSANE.

Back to the point. We started by just east of the Waiting for the Interurban sculpture (and just in front of the new-ish JP Patches and Gertrude statue).  We headed east for roughly 1.6 miles before turning around and running back along the Burke-Gilman trail. The only low point? I didn’t have anything to block the sun on the run back. Oh, and the race photos are atrocious as usual. Dear race photogs: take pictures of me at the BEGINNING of a race and not at the end. Thanks. This might be hard to understand, but some of us don’t look so pretty at the end of a race. My dad was cute. He was nervous because he’s never run in a race before. I didn’t really have much to say to calm his nerves. He kept talking to strangers (it’s his inner Southern boy) and telling them how it was his first race and how he usually only runs 180 feet at a time (that’s a double for those of you who don’t care about baseball or are worse at math than I am). He told me he’s never gone more than a mile at one time. He was a trooper though. We had a nice long walk back to the car afterward to help loosen muscles.

Right near the end, my dad shouts at a group of large police officers: “Anybody know So-And-So, North Precinct?” The biggest guy moved his head in what I think might have been a nod as my dad shouts back “Tell that S.O.B. to get a real job!”


Daddy, we don’t sass men who carry guns as a part of their job. It just isn’t done. Especially when they are big enough to be mistaken for football players. Silly Daddy. He plays baseball with the guy that he was asking about. Apparently, he’s in the habit of saying the same type of thing to every police officer he meets who knows the guy. This is actually an indication of my father liking this man.  

ANYWAY, I seem to have rediscovered my love of running. Or at least my use for it. I’m totally bummed out because I just discovered that there is a half marathon the same day as the one I’m registered for, except that it’s 30 minutes away instead of 3 hours. *insert Napoleon Dynamite sized sigh here*. I guess the lesson I’m learning is to not sign up too early? Oh, well. I’m planning on taking the train up there & I have an uncle who lives in Bellingham during the week and Seattle on the weekends so hopefully I can borrow his apartment for the weekend. And I might just have dinner with some friends of mine from middle school who are getting married this summer… So it’s less convenient travel-wise, but it will still be a fun weekend. FUN. Because that’s why I run. I’m actually starting to have fun again. I’m even kicking around the idea of joining a running club.

Coming soon: my races for the summer months 🙂

GOTR training 5k

It was so much fun! My little Buddy is only 2-3 inches shorter than me, so I guess ‘little’ isn’t as appropriate as ‘young’. She did a great job! April weather is always wonky, and the forecast had predicted rain for Thursday for almost a week. It so wasn’t rainy. Everyone was expecting rain, including the coaches who brought cocoa as an after-run snack. I managed to get a slight sunburn. I either burned through SPF 45 which has happened before, or I sweated it off since it wasn’t a sport variety.

We did 5 laps of a 1k loop right near the school. It had a few short but steep uphill sections, and one long sloping downhill. We mostly kept ourselves to a jog, up until the last 100 meters or so. We decided to run as fast as we could to the finish and she was right there beside me. It was the first time she’s ever run that far! I’m really looking forward to the official 5k in a few weeks.

And I totally aced my test. 🙂