I adore them! They postpone bike rides, but they can’t stop runs. I’m hoping this is over by tomorrow morning, otherwise I’ll have to figure out how to ride a bike in the rain. I’m pretty sure it’s just like riding a bike when it’s not raining, but I have yet to determine the validity of that thought. Plus, let’s face that I haven’t ridden a bike since my age was in single digits, not counting stationary bikes since the risk of falling over is slight and the chance of getting hit by a car on a stationary is in the slim-to-freak-accident category. I would like the weather to be on my side when I attempt it again.

I did put my sweet running kicks on and went for a… run. Duh. 😉 It was everything I hoped it would be! Those shorts I was waiting on from Road Runner FINALLY showed (okay, it’s been a few days now). I gave them a try, and they are fantastic! The inseam did not once try to get too personal, and most importantly, they are purple. Okay, those are equally important factors. And probably an inseam that knows how to play it cool is most important. But I love me some purple! Someday I’ll break down the exercise related list of purple-y goodness. The waistband is totally black, though. Like, ohmygod!! *hair flip*


Sorry, apparently endorphins act as a time machine in my brain, taking me to a place I never was. Side note, the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bell-Air is playing at full volume in my brain. Classic.

Why such a good mood after such a soggy run?

  • I ran, for one thing
  • I love rainy runs
  • my knee didn’t hurt for a single step
  • I managed more than a mile

My goal was just a single mile, but I ended up doing almost 1.5 (that’s 2.29 km according to an online calculator). Old me would say “Who cares? You’ve gone a lot further.” To that I say: “Shut up. No one invited you to this blog. It’s half again as much as I did on my last run and the farthest I’ve gone in almost 4 weeks. So once again, may I remind you to please shut up. And why don’t you move out of the head space anyway? No room for negative space in a brain.”

I think I’m going to ride across the I-90 floating bridge tomorrow. Maybe Mt. Rainier will come out for a picture. 🙂

Time to go roll and ice my hamstrings before they realized I sneaked in a run.

put the polenta in the oven

And went for a short run.

see Buddha floating by my thumb? Also, this pic was ridiculously hard to take. I'm special like that.

I need to get myself back to the 5K mark by the middle of next week. I am not going to let my little running Buddy down! I did one short little kilometer. I tried to behave myself and go slow, but at some point you have to cut yourself some slack. So I did my km at about a 9:35/mi pace, and full-out sprinted the last 100 meters. I know you’re dying to know what is most sore.

It’s my cheeks from grinning like a fool the whole way!