you are so amazing!

Thanks to y’all, I have met my fundraising goal for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life!! I am so amazed and grateful for your support! I have a little tear in my eye right now. I know I’ve already asked you for so much, but I have two more requests. 

One: if you donated and haven’t already given me a name/names for my shirt, please do so! Post here, email me, facebook/tweet at me! (Links are at the bottom of the page: icons and the ‘stalk me’ page.) Also, let me know if you want me to run or walk for the money you donated.

Two: this is the big one. I’ve met my personal goal thanks to y’all, but the team goal is still in the distance. I’m not asking anyone to donate again, but if you could help me spread the word about the team goal, that little tear in my eye will swell and probably fall. Translation: I will be grateful beyond words because I know that I couldn’t do this without y’all’s support. ((big sqeezy internet hugs to all of you))


now, off to finish packing so the move can be done today! Coming soon: how running has changed me, and not how you might think…

New identity/Relay

Do you ever feel like you really know yourself and there are some things you will always/sometimes/rarely/never do, no matter what else changes in your life?

Just think about that. I hate to be a tease, but I’ll reveal the rest of the story soon. 😉


In other news, I ran a quick mile before class & my gear is set out for an AM run tomorrow. Being on a running schedule feels good after all this time!


Tara of 263 and Counting made a donation for my Relay, so now there are only 6.5 miles left! Buy yours today! Read about my original challenge here, and my reminder post here. And donate/buy your miles here.

Relay for Life Reminder

I’ve got 16 days until the big night. As a refresher, I’ve teamed up with some old friends and we are participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, UW version. Here’s the link to my earlier post about it.

I proposed that $1 = 5 minutes of walking (limited only by the 18 hour event) OR $10= 1 mile of running (capped at 10.5 miles to meet my personal fundraising goal)

This is where you come in. Your hard-earned dollars help support the fight against cancer. Something that has touched all of us in different ways. I’m not going to ramble on about it, because we all know it sucks.

Right now, my shirt only has 3 names on it. Sad, huh? Okay, so if you didn’t click the link before now is the time, since that doesn’t make sense if you haven’t. Just a note: let me know if it is in honor of or in memory of each person. I’ll be using different colors for each. 🙂

One awesome supporter has already requested purchased a run: 3 miles at 3am. I had to just blink at that thought a few times, but I’m excited for the challenge!

So which block of time will you buy and am I walking or running it? There are only 7.5 miles available for running at this point, so let’s get that filled! Anything above that goes towards meeting my team’s goal.

As a reminder, everyone who supports me in this will be entered into a drawing for a prize. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a gift certificate to Chocomize, Mix My Granola, iTunes, or Bondi Band. Any preferences? Alternative suggestions?

Please make a donation and spread the word! As my Fearless Leader says, “let’s kick cancer’s ass!”

Girls on the Run!

Today is the practice 5K and I get to meet my little Buddy! I’m super excited!! There’s only a 50% chance of rain today, which is better than the last time I checked. I have to fly back across the lake to get to class (and take a test) after the run so I don’t know if I’ll post about it today or not. It will burn off my nervous energy, that’s for sure! Yay!

Oy. Once again, my innate calendar reading skills have tried to ambush me. I just realized that the official Girls on the Run 5k is the morning before my Relay for Life event. Thankfully I will have time for a nap and lunch between events. The Monkey 5k is totally out of the question now. LOL

One day I’m going to have to breakdown and get a gigantic desk calendar. Just for my activities.

search terms

I think the search terms tracking is hilarious. Mostly, they are generally related to what I blog about. And then, you get the occasional gem like the one below.

“Getting the wife breed”

Yes. Because that is so related to… anything?

As a side note, please don’t Google that phrase. Please take my word for it that it has 1) nothing to do with my sweet, innocent little running blog and 2) nothing to do with my personal life whatsoever.

In non-way-too-much-personal-information-about-other-people-is-on-the-web news, I’m gearing up to actually start telling people about this little blog. I was ready to do it just before I did whatever I did to my leg, but that just postponed it.

Once again, in a completely different direction. See how I space things out visually since I don’t do transitions? Just trying to make it easier to follow my thoughts. 😉

I’m participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life being hosted at the UW’s Husky Stadium (5/22-23). I beg and plead of you to join (if you’re in the beautiful PNW of course) or to consider a donation of any size. Cancer touches everyone, and cancer really sucks. I mean, really and truly sucks. I’ll add a link on my causes page, as well, but here is my personal page. If you have ever loved someone who has battled cancer, or if you’ve battled it yourself, please consider a donation. Thank you in advance!