a (ridiculously late) weekend recap

I will eventually be talking about vomit, so consider this your warning.

Saturday morning was my Girls on the Run 5k. I got my babysitting situation figured out at 7 am Saturday. With nary a minute to spare all the time in the world, I made my way to beautiful Seward Park. It’s usually beautiful, anyway. It had rained on and off and there were some threatening clouds up in the sky, but it all held off. It’s the first 5k I’ve ever been to that didn’t have coffee supplied for the runners (probably because the last thing half the runners needed was a dose of caffeine). The first quarter-mile or so was nice and flat. Then we started climbing a mountain. Maybe not by local standards, but I’m pretty sure it counts as a mountain back East in Oklahoma. And that’s when the sun popped out. We did pretty good- it wasn’t a timed race and I didn’t realize there was a clock at the finish line until we’d been waited for 20 minutes or so. My best guess is somewhere between 37-42 minutes. I got to meet my buddy’s mom and older sister, which was cool. Within our school group, we moved from 4th place to 2nd, so that was awesome! She was a soldier & I hope she keeps running. With a good coach, she could be competitive in high school. 🙂

On to Relay. Oy. When I got there, Bunny (my sister/friend, who will eventually get her own post for explanation) and I had to haul what felt like 200 lbs of gear at least  a mile through the parking lot. We only had to call twice for directions after we parked the car. This is not the worst we’ve ever done. By far. Mostly, we act like morons because we make each other laugh so hard that we cry and can barely breathe and our bladders suddenly become full which adds an element of danger to the laughter, which explains why we are a rather unproductive team (probably the reason we never did group work in classes, except for one time which I will also explain at a later time). ANYWAY. It started raining within 10 minutes of us getting there. At that point, one of our team members had to take off because he coaches a middle school ultimate frisbee team and they were celebrating the end of their season. More on him later.

We mostly hung out in the tent when it rained and in camping chairs when it didn’t, always with someone walking. We had a little sign up sheet with half hour blocks to keep track of things and make sure at least one person was always on the track. Remember the ultimate frisbee coach? (Really? It was only like 3 sentences ago. Try and focus with me here). He was scheduled to walk at 8:30, and at just about that time he called. His father passed away unexpectedly. They were really close and I’m heartbroken for him. That’s about when the thunder and lightning started. And then the rains came. Big fat drops, falling hard, with no end in sight. It certainly reflected our emotional state, and for a little while it felt really fitting. It would let up just a bit and then come down in sheets again. It was atypical for a Seattle rain, that’s for sure. The luminaria ceremony had to be moved up into the bleachers under the overhang so they wouldn’t be ruined. It rained. And rained. We tried to keep spirits up, but in relentless rain it’s a little hard. When we first got there, the guys were teasing Bunny and I a bit for over-packing. I’m a Seattle native. I wear layers. I had thermals, yoga pants, too many running outfits, two pairs of running shoes, at least 4 pairs of socks, my fleece jacket, rainproof shell, and a hat. For an 18 hour event. Don’t judge. A boy scout is always prepared.

The luminaria was emotionally tough. Lots of people to think about. More time to sit and walk before my first big run. My goal was to run my personal best mile at 1am in honor of Tara who has been working on speed lately. It most certainly was not my fastest mile ever. Retrospectively, I just can’t run that fast in a parka. But it was a great way to get my blood pumping and it kept me warm for a while.

I didn’t have another time scheduled until my 3 miles at 3. For the most part, it was just a lot of chatting. People dropped in, people peaced out. I got a little studying done and then suddenly had the overwhelming urge to vomit. My head was pounding, vision tunneling, and OF COURSE it was raining the proverbial felines and canines. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I experience a panic attack I become hypersensitive to smells (hence the urge to vomit). I got outside and felt better less claustrophobic. I started walking so that the hypothermia wouldn’t set in. (That is less in jest that I wish it was). I tried all my best coping mechanisms, and for a while thought I was going to pull out of it. I did run those three miles but they were particularly ugly. No form, breath was crazy, bursts of speed and sloth (the latter bit was mostly contained to when I was running into the wind). I decided by about lap 5 (of 12) that I would finish my run and go home. I couldn’t take it. One team was frying something as a way to get some last minute donations. Every lap, I had to hold my breath as I passed them for fear of puking from the smell. I finally finished my 3 miles and then went half way around the track (to avoid the frying-foods tent which was really close to mine). I notified the proper authorities (Fearless Leader’s younger brother) and headed home.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be prone to panic attacks and through the perfect vision hindsight provides, this one was building up for a while. If you’ve never experienced one, you won’t understand and if you have experienced them, I’m sorry you do understand. It’s a miserable experience. By the time I got home I was feeling pretty normal. I fell asleep around 4:30 or so and slept for a few hours.

Right through when I needed to be in West Seattle for my second 5k of the weekend. I woke up with a sore throat, a cough and a pounding head. Clearly, I wasn’t in the right physical space to run that second 5k, but I was/am really disappointed that I missed it. More than anything, I was looking forward to coffee after with Seattle Runner Girl and I’m so disappointed that it didn’t work out. I didn’t even make it to hot yoga on Monday morning. Sigh. I’m frustrated that I wasn’t able to follow through with my plans. I’m tempted to blame it on the weather, although it’s not the weather’s fault. My morale got low and I couldn’t boost it back up. Of course, the panic attack didn’t help. They never seem to.

Anyway, that’s about it for my updates. Did I mention earlier that my laptop refuses to recognize my camera now? Well, it’s true. I’m this close () to washing my hands of technology and moving in with the Amish. I think. Okay, that’s maybe a slight overreaction, but still. If things could just work the way they are supposed to, I’d be happier. I have pictures of my new hair, my 5k, Relay & my Relay shirt. Plus I’m sure plenty of randoms.

Also, I feel really uncomfortable when I overhear people flirting. Note to self: GET HEADPHONES ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out: my post made Dimity smile! It’s the very first one. In my original post I go on (and on) about my other not-loves of running. But my loves still out number, so rest assured I won’t be going anywhere. Besides, it’s about time to pick out a training schedule for my September half marathon!


Hot yoga. Well. Let’s preface this by saying that in the past, I took a beginning yoga class that started at 7 am, which at the time required me to get up at 5:30 to get on the bus to be there on time. That was 8 years ago and I was less of a morning person then than I am today. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to class very often. I’ve always prided myself on being fairly flexible. That held true right up until I started running regularly. NOTE TO SELF: TRY STRETCHING AFTER A RUN. My hamstrings might as well be carved out of marble these days. That analogy isn’t supposed to reference my skin color, but in this case I suppose it covers both my epidermal pigmentation and my current flexibility status.

The run was nice. It really helps me to run with someone because I have this belief that everyone and their grandmother has a better concept of pacing than I do. So far, it holds true. It’s especially nice since my latest pair of headphones crapped out on Sunday. You might not remember this, but I bought them to replace the ones that Napoleon used to test out the sharpness of his scissors. Cute, right? Yeah. I’m beginning to think I should get a mid-range pair instead of the cheap ones. I can’t in good conscience spend $$ on a pair as I’m not sure that the scissor-testing phase is over yet.

Yoga. What can I say? What did I learn? It’s freaking hot. Like 110 degrees F in a room. My left side is considerably weaker than my right, at least regarding balance. My back has no flexibility, and my right hamstring actually seized up a few hours after class. BUT. I had so much fun doing it! It was almost always challenging, but never impossible. Okay, maybe that one pose which involved balancing on my weak left foot and extending my right leg as far as it would go in front of me (spoiler alert: not very far) was darned near impossible. BUT. I’ll be able to do it better the next time I go. Which might be this Friday after my psychology seminar. That will be a good way to swing into my super crazy weekend! And I’ll be doing it Monday morning, too.

I’m making my shirt with all the names today for the Relay event. Right after I hang 90000 (read: 10) curtains. After I install all the curtain rods. I’m typing that with a grin on my face because I love checking things off my mental ‘to do’ list.

Remember that teaser I posted a while back? All will be revealed later this week. 😉