taking time off

I’m not really sure how to take a break. My knee (and all the literature) is clearly stating that a break is necessary. I’m one of those all-or-nothing people. If I’m running, I’m doing it HARD. It’s the reason I have a hard time doing speed work and easy runs. I run every distance like it’s a freaking 400 meter dash (unless it’s hot out, then it’s like a death-shuffle). But I want to be able to run for many years and I don’t want to get to the point where I have to take 6 months off to do a bunch of PT. Which we all know I wouldn’t do anyway. I am to avoid doing any type of squat and stairs (tell that to the house). Except that the ache has moved from where it has been the last week or so to the old spot. All this week it’s been the inside, near the top of my knee cap, in a muscular spot. Now it’s on the outside, right at the top of my fibula.

This sucks.

the definition of obsession

I’m back to obsessing about knee injuries. It might as well be April 2009. Or February 2008. Or any other date since about 1997. I can see very clearly where this is headed: my ass parked on the couch with my trio of (not) best guys: Tim, and these two, watching every film to ever win a Razzie. Have no fear: I don’t need to be put on suicide watch (aka cookie dough ice cream and a rom-com fest). Side note: me sitting through a romantic comedy would be a clear sign that I had just endured either electroshock therapy or a lobotomy (which suddenly puts me in the mood to watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest…)

I digress. I guess now is the time to figure out the schedule at the local pool, and to take my new bike helmet for a test ride. Candid moment: I’m petrified of riding on the streets here. Drivers are oblivious to other cars and I can only imagine it’s exponentially worse with a bike. But I won’t know until I try it, right? I think I’ll take it out this afternoon (residential streets only). Just because I’m taking a break from running (my one true love) doesn’t mean that I need to graft myself to the couch. I am not suddenly a double amputee or paralyzed. I know that doesn’t stop some people, but I’m not sure that I’m one of them were it to happen to me.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

‘If you can neither accept it or change it, try to laugh at it.’ — Ashleigh Brilliant

Let’s give it a try. Haha, Knee. You’re funny looking. Coco Chanel was right: you should always be covered up so no one has to look at you. Haha. It’s so funny that you’re being a butthead. Haha. It’s hilarious that I’m not sure where I’m going to get my endorphins and that everyone I know is going to suffer because I’m going to turn into a junkie in withdrawal because you are being a brat. Ha. Ha. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, that started off fine and deteriorated quickly. It’s sunny outside, so I think I’ll quit my pity party early and get on with life.

Weekend Update

So I totally slacked yesterday and ended up taking two full rest days in a row. And I don’t feel guilty about it. Well, maybe a little. Which brings me up to this morning and the St. Paddy’s Day Dash. I’m just going to break it down list-style since that’s how I am.

The good:

  • all four of my alarms went off this morning (daylight savings confuses the hell out of me/ I wasn’t sure if my phone would adjust itself in a timely fashion)
  • I managed breakfast and coffee AND a shower and still left on time
  • beautiful weather
  • the new route is AWESOME!
  • I remembered my ID so I could hang out with Hubs in the beer garden and not drink beer at 9:30 in the morning (I never drink beer and this was no exception. I propose that Jameson sponsor next year!)
  • I kept up with Hubs (he’s 8-9 inches taller and it’s all leg so this is a big feat for me!)
  • I led a train of cars to the most awesome parking spot and received a salute and 3 thumbs-up in thanks ( they all followed me from the freeway. I felt like Mrs. Mallard from Make Way for Ducklings)
  • My tutu was SWEET!

The bad:

  • traffic was sucky because of road construction on I-90 and the exit off I-5 to Queen Anne was backed up almost a mile (typical, actually)
  • I forgot my gloves so my fingers were frozen for the first mile
  • My camera battery was dead so Hubs is going to take a picture of me in my outfit tomorrow so I can post it
  • Daylight Savings Time (Hi. Farmers get up with the sun, regardless of what the clock says, so why do the rest of us have to suffer?!?!?!)

The ugly:

  • Someone broke into my car (Hubs’ car too!) last night (he/they didn’t get anything since neither of us keep any valuables in the car. But still. That’s a hell of a way to wake up)

That last bit was sort of dominating my thoughts on the drive into town. In all honesty, I’m not that upset about it. Sure, someone violated my possession but I’d rather it happen to my car than myself. Nothing was taken, and at least they had the courtesy to get in the car without breaking anything. I have a 4-year-old, so it’s not like my car’s interior was in pristine condition anyway. This is the type of thing that would have ruined my day (if not my week) before I started running. I have a short fuse and assholes tend to make it run out faster. I thought about it a bit (and now I’m wasting everyone’s time blogging about it) but I’m not upset at all. No one was hurt, nothing was taken and life goes on.

Back to the race recap, such as it is. It was cold but sunny. Beautiful. There were over 15,000 participants (I think the race is a bigger draw than the St. Patrick’s Day parade) which made it a lot warmer than the actual temp (about 40F). The route was changed last year, but this was my first time on it. I loved the old route, but the new one is pretty cool, too. It’s an out and back loop with the first half being up a gradual hill and then back down in the second half. I’m a shortie so I didn’t even see a mile marker until the 3rd mile. That’s when Hubs took off, but he never got too far ahead. I finished exactly 30 seconds after he did, which is awesome!! For some reason, everyone slowed down at the last turn (with about 2 city blocks to go to the finish). It was bizarre. Next year we decided to run in the green wave (timed, awards) because there were A LOT of walkers in the red wave (timed, no awards) so it was hard to keep a steady pace.  After the trip to the beer garden we headed out for breakfast (my second). We went to a spot in the industrial district south of the stadiums. I had my usual post-race 2 eggs (sunny side up), hashbrowns, toast and this place had Morning Star Farms breakfast patties to round it out. Hubs got an omelet with brisket in it and Swiss cheese. Dunno about that one. Brisket’s just not my thing.

Best of all was the morning I got to spend with Hubs sans Sweet Little Monster. We do get the occasional night out, but it was really nice to run together and then get a meal out. Clearly, it’s been a while. Hubs has even mentioned going running together (possibly at THE BOG) multiple times today. Ah, Cloud 9!

rest day

And totally a ‘what not to eat’ day. Today marks the 4th straight day of my sodium binge. I guess I should thank my endocrine system for the early warning, although I’m feeling less than grateful about it.

BUT! New Balance came through for me and my capris showed up! And I heart them so much!! I’ve worn them for hours already. Plus I got the supplies for my tutu and I already finished making it. Tomorrow Hubs is going to pick up a wig for me and I’ll make my wings. He’s no fun and is only wearing a headband with the bouncy antenna. I’ll at least get him to take a picture of my get-up. 😉


Oh, I might possibly be addicted to joining challenges on Nike.