Sunday, funday

I had a run on my schedule for yesterday and I just couldn’t get to it. It left me feeling grouchy and out of sorts so I am absolutely done rearranging my schedule like that.

Bubs had a second private swim lesson today. He still won’t put his face in the water, but I’m not worried about it. My first swim lesson was spent on the side of the pool, convinced I was going to drown. I didn’t put my face in the water until my third lesson and went on to swim competitively until high school. All in good time.

Hubs stayed at the pool and I ran around the neighborhood. It wasn’t a great experience. Inconsiderate pedestrians, passive aggressive people and oblivious drivers. A giant PFFFFFFFFFFFFT at all of them.

Then I got to spend the next hour and a half swimming and playing with Hubs, Bubs and our nephew. I had a blast! Then I oh so sweetly stomped my little foot and demanded that we make it work for me to go swimming once a week in the morning. It will most likely be Tuesdays, but we’ll see once school starts up again. And like the amazing man he is, Hubs readily agreed. He even wants me to help him work on his own swimming technique.

Yesterday and today I was SORE from the Hard CORE Club work out. You know, the it hurts to sneeze, cough, turn, touch. I did my W1D2 set today & I already feel stronger. I might not be able to lift my arms up tomorrow. Hi, there deltoids, pecs, and biceps and triceps. Long time no use! I’m thinking the push ups and shoulder taps are going to really work me over. According to Hubs, with each consecutive shoulder tap, my rear went higher in the air. I confess, the last one or two might have looked more like I was getting into downward facing dog than a push up position. But it’s a process! I have no doubt that I will get there.

I’m off to watch Sherlock Holmes with Hubs before bed. I’ve got a running date with Val in the morning (she’s doing 5 and I’m doing 7).

(oops!) I did it again

At some point, I’ll run out of song titles/lyrics in my head. I hope.

I ran again. My pacing is still skewed, but I expected that being my second run after an eternity 3 weeks off. It still felt better than Sunday’s run. I did 1.5k (a little over 9/10 of a mile). If I think about it in terms of miles, I find it incredibly frustrating. Since I have no ability to visualize how far a km is, I prefer to think of it that way. Also, it breaks my goal of 5k by next Wednesday into smaller, more manageable chunks. I like whole numbers. A 5k doesn’t translate into whole number miles.

If there is one thing I’m all about, it’s self-delusion.

Kidding, mostly.

Anyway. I rolled my hamstrings after the run because I could feel them tightening up. Lame. It felt really good. I ended up doing my both of my legs, just-under-my-butt to ankle. My right leg (the problem child) was exponentially more tight than my left. I have no idea why. My best guess: it’s stupid and I hate it. How’s that for letting your inner adolescent have their say? She’s been hanging around a little too much lately, thanks to the injury. She even led a short-lived coup last night when it was time to fold the whites (the worst load of laundry ever).

I’m trying not to push myself too quickly. I just need to be able to run/walk a 5k for next Wednesday. Of course I would prefer to run the thing, but maybe my little Buddy isn’t able to do that. I’m getting really excited about GOTR (not really sure why it won’t let me link directly to the Puget Sound page).

I’ve never considered myself to be a retail therapy shopper, but I have noticed I seem to have an awful lot of running gear piling up. I have one more shirt on its way to me and that’s it. I’m still waiting on my swimsuit, but hopefully it gets here soon as I’m looking forward to going for a swim. The problem with naturally big boobs is finding things that support them correctly. Which as of yet seems beyond the reach of the US retailers I’m familiar with, including Title 9, which I find utterly disappointing. Maybe we kicked the Brits out too hastily? 😉

swim suit season

It’s nearly upon us me. I already have the lounging around, basted in SPF variety but I ordered myself a suit for actually swimming. Pools only, can’t stand the idea of somethings touching me when I swim. *shudder* I’m really excited to smell like chlorine again.

I swam competitively until the summer before I started high school. I smile every time I try to reconcile that with the fact that I spent my first swim lessons sitting on the side of the pool crying because I was convinced I would drown. I quit swimming because I thought I was too fat. That might be my biggest regret ever. Not to say that I haven’t done plenty of stupid things since then, but every other stupid choice I’ve ever made has had a lesson to learn from it at least those that I can remember. Thinking I was too fat to swim (Hello! Extra fluff helps you float!!) has no lesson. It’s just really sad. News flash to my 14 year-old self: if you are fat, than so am I since we’re the same size. I think my figure is probably more feminine and shapely than yours, but pound-for-pound we’re the same. Because you know we haven’t grown since, like what, 7th grade?

While my chances of lettering in swimming are long past (whatevs), I can go back to the watery embrace of my First Exercise Love while my Current Flame and I continue to take a break. Today marks 2 weeks of not running. Did I really used to run? Miles at a time? No stopping? Up and down hills? I guess I’ll take your word for it. I’ve already hit the mental point where it feels like it was a lifetime ago. I’m not getting down about it, though. I’ve been wrapping my thigh, and rolling my hamstrings. Icing when I remember. This weekend was TURBO SPRING CLEAN (aka work off nervous energy about starting classes again), so I didn’t do too much resting. But life goes on.

Girls on the Run is still looking for 10 more Puget Sound area volunteers aka Running Buddies. If you’re interested let me know! There are many schools involved and it’s 3 days, no more than a couple of hours at a time. And maybe you can help prevent a little girl from thinking she’s too fat to join the high school swimming team follow her dreams or passions.