Weekend Warriors recap

As a recap, Brandon of So Long, Fat Ass! posed a weekend warrior challenge with a Braveheart theme. I was going to sit it out since it was supposed to be a moving weekend (loooooooooooooooooooong story that makes me grouchy so maybe I’ll be able to post about it when I chill out which is not now), but then it occurred to me *insert a better looking version of me à la Windows 7 commercials* that because the weekend was going to be stressful is exactly why I needed to participate. So I did.

I set the bar pretty low. My goals were to run at least once, and be mindful of my eating, aka not eating cheese all weekend. Or more accurately, getting calories and nutrients from foods that fall into the category of “not cheese” (aka “second best”).

Well. I rocked the cheese issue. I don’t know if I even had a full serving of cheese all weekend (Alert the media: I’ve been body snatched!!!). I ate veggies and fruit and grains and some fish. Full disclosure, I’m clearly not a vegetarian. I am a pescatarian. I’m cool with that. Sea kittens are delish! 😉

As for that run. I didn’t manage it Saturday or Sunday. But I did just get back from a challenging 5k. I wasn’t going to write this recap until I did the run, so for the sake of time I opted to do it today instead of the end of June when it might possibly be convenient. It’s frustrating that 5k is a challenging distance for me at this point. Although, if I got off my lazy bum and ran on a regular basis the recovery process would go a lot faster. There’s food for thought.

I limited myself to quoting the line that my husband says resonates most closely to my personality: “It’s my fookin’ island!”

Coming soon-ish(as in before the end of this month): April goals breakdown & May goals

Check out how my fellow Warriors did & leave them some lovin’ :

Side note: There is a line from a movie that plays in my head each and every time I write or think that W-word. “Waaaarriiiors! Come  out and plaaay!I would like to call it an 80s cult classic, except that it came out in 1979.  And it won’t shut up. Seriously. Make it stop. I’m gonna cry if it doesn’t stop.

Weekend Warriors

When I first saw the challenge, I wasn’t going to participate. Why? For one thing, “weekend” is not very different for me than “weekday”. Second, and more importantly, we are moving this weekend. That’s right. I’m leaving the suburbs for the bright lights of the city (not). I’m moving back to the land I was raised in (Ballard).  I just typed an epic comparison of where I am now to where I’ll be in a week. You don’t care, plus it was whiny. What is important is that I will no longer complain about a lack of sidewalks in my posts. I will still be in school on this side of the lake, so I might squeeze in the occasional run on the green belt, but it won’t be often. I’ll be rejoining my gym (and actually using the membership this time). I’ll be close to a city pool with reasonable hours. Life is good, but it will be better!

So back to the point. I figured I’d blow off the WWC because I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in way over my head this weekend. No excuses! I will run at least once (most likely Saturday) and I will pay enough attention to my body to eat when I’m hungry and not when I’ve crossed over into RAVENOUS BEAST (what this translates to is not surviving on cheese for the whole weekend). And even though the Picts are my people, I’ll probably limit myself to quoting lines from the movie to Hubs. Although, there is a restaurant near where we are moving that has an amazing assortment of Scotch, so perhaps my weekend will involve a toast…