an off day?*

Whah? I keep looking around me, feeling like I need to be doing something. Not that the house work isn’t piling up around me, but I’d rather run and I need to work on my paper for next Thursday. So I came up with the compromise of sitting on  my behind, drinking coffee and blog surfing. Perfect, no?

Any must read blogs that I’m not reading? (hint: probably most of the good ones)

My knee was aching yesterday. My brain can’t calculate mileage, but my knee is very conscious of exactly how far we’re going. It’s the same old tight hamstrings/irritated IT band thing. Nothing a little ice and some foam rolling couldn’t handle, but from here on out I’m sticking to the plan. No matter how silly it feels to walk half way around the Bog to get back to my car. The reason I’ve never made it to the starting line of a half marathon before is because I chronically try to go too far and/or too fast. No more of this. Yes, I have time goals. No, I do not need to meet/beat them in my first half. Although I guess I’m now supposed to call it a Pikermi. If you’re not going to read the link, Pikermi (apparently pronounced pee-KER-mee) is a town that was pretty much at the halfway between Athens and Marathon. I like it, so let’s role with that.

*By off day, I really mean I’m scheduled for a cross-training day that will inevitably become a full on rest day. Unless working on my self-control can be considered cross-training. We’re having dinner with my parents & my brother and new sister-in-law before they head back to Houston tomorrow morning. Sounds great, right? It will be. Except that we’re going out for pizza. Even though this pizza has minimal crust, it will still contain starch. I did so well at the pancake place yesterday, but I don’t know how well I can handle this one.

I’ve decided that my reward for completing my Pikermi is a gym membership. My arms could really stand to have regular dates with free weights and attempting to have these dates in my living room inevitably ends with my ass parked on the couch. Obviously it’s more comfortable my way, but it’s doing nothing for my triceps.

new shoes!

And so not like I meant in the old days (the old requirement was at least one dangerously pointy end). My Nike Frees showed up on Wednesday and I ran in them both Thursday and Friday. They felt crazy at first since they are supposed to mimic being barefoot. I wouldn’t  say that, but they definitely felt different from my other running shoes. They fit kind of crazy. It’s all one piece. No tongue. It’s a workout just to get my feet in them. lol I have been informed that I have abnormally wide feet for their length (by a jack*ss I went to high school with, not by a professional 😉 ). Once I get my feet in I still have a thumb-width of toe room. Just another weird aspect of myself that I am oversharing.

ANYWAY. I’ve had great runs lately. I’ve tweaked my training schedule a dozen times and settled on doing my long runs on Monday (Thanks SRG!) since it just works better. Also, it’s more comfortable to run at 6:30 am than 9:30 pm.

THIS IS HOW GOOD MY RUNNING IS: I am excited to do my strength training tomorrow! Read that again, slowly. I’ll wait. Yeah, I said it. EXCITED. FOR. STRENGTH. TRAINING. Why? I can’t explain. Let’s just go with endorphin overload.

OH! The only bad thing is that I somehow lost my Nike+ sensor. Not the shoe part but the plug-into-the-iPod part. Lame. I know I hid it somewhere but for the life of me, I cannot remember where. I’m just too smart for my own good. But I’m going to stop by my coffee shop later to see if I might have left it there.

And now it’s time to get back to my schizophrenia seminar. Each time I take a psychology seminar I thank the powers that be for not being a psych major. It makes my brain cry even though I love everything about psychology.

better, stronger, faster

At least that’s the plan. just keep working, just keep working

I’ve fantasized all day about my upcoming races. I’m planning a 6k, 10k and 5k for April. It might be a little ambitious with regards to my knee, but none of them are big sellers so I’m not worried about giving it some time before I register for each of them. The 10k and 6k are back-to-back (Saturday and Sunday) so I might need to reconsider that plan. I’ll probably just call the 6k my recovery run. 😉

My quarter starts on the 5th, as does my half marathon training plan. To be honest, I’m a little nervous for that race. It’s significantly farther than I’m running now, but I guess that’s why I have 12 weeks to work up to it. Right? There’s no real reason to be nervous about it. It’s not like I’m going to run it tomorrow and have to beat a certain time (THANK GOD!) This will be my base-line half and it will only improve from there. Same goes for the 10k. The 5k will be better than February and the 6k might or might not be better than the St. Paddy’s Day Dash. They are looking for volunteers for that one, so maybe I’ll sit it out to help out.

Here’s the info:

10k Earth Day @ Magnuson Park

6k Seattle Run for Water

5k Top Pot Doughnut Dash

Here’s why I’m excited about each: the run at Magnuson is cheap! The 6k is through a flat, pretty park on the Seattle waterfront. And the Top Pot race… it supports Childhaven (not significantly, I know). They make good doughnuts but I prefer salty junk to sweet junk. I’m just not that into you, Doughnuts. But I’ll choke one down in the spirit of the race. 😉

I did my cross-training today and my knee feels fine. I think I need to go back and do my original ab routine in addition to what I’m doing now. I’m not going to push it on tomorrow’s run with tempo or distance. I’ll keep it wrapped up and ice it afterward as a preëmptive strike. I’m not taking any painkillers, although I don’t unless it’s a prescription. I’ve always felt like if it’s really painful I’ll treat it will real medicine. I think mostly it just feels weak and not painful. Tomorrow’s an early run and I’m looking forward to it! It’s going to be in the low 40s when I’m running, which is perfect. They claim no rain, which would certainly be drier than Monday was. Ah! I’m all amped up now!

G’night lovlies!

playing it by ear

I sat out my cross-training yesterday to really rest my knee. I kept it wrapped up and iced it when I could. It’s definitely a new sort issue for me. It was so strange. It would feel fine for an hour or so and then suddenly it would twinge up again. My best description of the pain is that feeling you get when you put just a little too much pressure on a bruise. Not like when you bash it into the coffee table for the 53rd time in 2 days, but when you stop just short of the tears-in-the-eyes pressure to a bruise. Today? TOTALLY NORMAL. I could feel it a bit this morning when I was curled into the big green chair to read some stories with Sweet Little Monster. Based on the way I was trying to sit when it hurt, I can tell it’s from doing a side lunge (or 12) incorrectly. I’m still planning on doing my cross-training tomorrow, but I’ll be paying extra attention to my form.

I had a speed workout on the schedule for today and I am so glad I decided against taking it to the track! It’s been one of those days where it’s raining, then it’s so sunny you’re temporarily blinded and back and forth with no predictability. At least here. Apparently it’s a matter of blocks. I was debating if I should wear a hat and retrospectively the answer was yes. About a mile in it started raining, and not the usual PNW drizzle.

Like all my neighbors who have lived in Western Washington for at least a decade I’m a non-certified hydrology expert, specializing in precipitation (actually, I might be certified since I come from a long line of PNWerners). This started off with fat little drops that got bigger and faster until it was literally blowing in sideways care of the stiff little wind that picked up out of nowhere. It was coming down so hard that I couldn’t see anything, thanks in part to that lovely breeze being a headwind. I had to wring water out of my shirt twice and it really made no difference.The lake/pond I was passing looked like it had whitecaps and I could barely see the cars across the street when I made it to the end of the pond trail.

It was glorious!

I plan to continue to baby my knee, but I’m not in enough pain to actually sit out a run. I did have it wrapped and maybe that helped. I think being conscious of every step the last 36 hours has helped as well. I’ll do some more RICE tonight and try to behave tomorrow.


Jillian Michaels

kicked my butt. Actually, she told me to kick myself in the butt  so I did. Literally. She is one tough lady. I Netflix-ed the 30 Day Shred dvd since I’m clearly in need of some motivation re: strength training. I need to get back to my push-up challenge as well. I think it’s been over a week since I’ve done any. o.O

I ordered a rockin’ bike helmet that will be here tomorrow, since it is currently just a couple hours south on I5. Two books I ordered from Amazon arrived today. One is this one which I desperately need in my life and the other is 4th book in a trilogy. You read that right. The first three came out years ago and say ‘book x of 3’ while this one just says ‘book 4 of the xxx series’. Classic! Nothing quite compares to a psychiatrist turned sci-fi/fantasy author.

But first… the lawn.

back on track

I wasn’t sure if I’d do my strength training today. I’ve been a little off my game. My eating has been out of sorts lately and today was weight/measurement day. My weight was up, but I knew it would be. I think it’s because I haven’t been eating very balanced dinners the last few days so I’ve been getting hungry between 9 and 10 and so I’ve been (over) eating the not-so-great type of carbs (not to mention wine two nights in a row). I did a better job today & I did my weights so I’m already turning things around. I’m a little burnt out on the ab routine I’ve done recently so tonight I just did a variety of crunches. I’m really looking forward to my run tomorrow. I’m getting a little stressed out at the fact that I’m taking 17 credits next quarter. I’m just not sure how I will balance everything. I know that it will all come together, I’m just stressed about the first couple weeks when we get used to a new routine. I also know stressing out about it doesn’t help anything, hence my desire to go running to clear my mind. Bah. Nonsense reigns here, tonight.

I ordered my capris on Saturday. So far, they are still in transit. Sigh. Serves me right for opting for the free shipping option, right? They are supposed to be here on Friday, but they have sat in Hodgkins, IL since yesterday morning. Although, I suppose I should be grateful that they aren’t coming out on covered wagon. I’ve seen loads of people including lists of things they are grateful for at the end of posts. I think I’ll jump on that bandwagon myself at some point.

push ups: 24

squats: 84